Day 2 – Machame Hut (3021 m) to Shira Camp (3839 m)

Being here is like putting all my problems and worries in the tumble drier. They shrink and shrink until they are so tiny and unimportant that they do not matter anymore. I love the feeling of being able to focus on the present, something I have problems doing at home. Taking one thing at a time and trying my best at just that. It also helps not having access to my phone or the internet. Its liberating.



Waking up in the morning and starting the day is the most difficult things of all. I am quite an early morning person and I wake up easily, but here I am SLOW. The coffee mug weighs a ton, I can’t think straight, it takes forever to decide what to wear and walking to the toilet feels like an expedition. I really do not understand why this part is so extremely hard. The first few steps of the day are even worse, I feel EXTREMELY out of breath after just a few meters and everything feels really challenging.

But after the first half an hour has gone by it´s like something magic happens. The breathing gets normal, my heart stops beating like it wants to leave the chest and it is a truly amazing sensation. All is in synch and I manage to get into a mental flow that never happens at home, some sort of a semi-meditation status in which you could carry on walking forever. Nothing hurts, no tiredness… it is so powerful it is hard to explain.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

The trail today gets a bit harder, narrower and steeper. It is full of rocks so you really have to focus on where you put your feet. The rainforest has disappeared now and there are no tall trees anymore so the trail is surrounded by bushes instead, which kept getting shorter and shorter as we approached the Shira Camp. The weather hasn’t been very nice, foggy for the most part of the day which is a pity since the Shira Camp is one with the most stunning views I have ever seen.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Picture taken last year.

We arrived at camp relatively early so we decided to take a small acclimatization walk to the Shira Camp II where the brother of my guide was staying with another group. This acclimatization walks are very important since rule number one of acclimatization consists in ”climb high, sleep low” . You gain as much altitude as possible during the day and then return to a lower elevation to sleep and let the body recover. It was also nice to see another campsite and meet a group of people.





CONTINUE READING: Day 2 – Machame Hut (3021 m) to Shira Camp (3839 m)

Day 3: Shira Camp (3839 m) – Lava Tower (4627 m) – Barranco Huts (3986 m).

Day 4: Barranco Huts (3986m) to Karanga Camp (4034 m).

Day 5: Karanga Camp (4034 m) to Barafu Camp (4662 m).

Summit day: Barafu Camp (4662 m) – Uhuru Peak (5895 m) – Millenium Camp (3797 m).


Day 1 – Machame gate (1811 m) to Machame Hut (3021 m).




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