Day 2: Phakding (2610 m) to Namche Bazaar (3440 m).

I woke up feeling great and I wasn’t slow at all. Sleeping in tea-houses makes a huge difference, so much that I really feel like I’m spoiled and not suffering enough. No going outside in the middle of the night, having a comfy bed…Even though it feels nice I miss the sense of adventure, of being in the wild, looking at the stars at midnight and so on.

Being with a big group has its disadvantages; I like to walk slow, enjoying the views and the experience, thinking and making life decisions. It is no one’s fault but right now I feel that I have someone I need to catch up with, that I need to hurry and even though no one cares, I guess it’s just how my mind works.

On the other hand it’s really enriching to hang out with all this people from all over the world and learn about their inspiring backgrounds and life stories. Specially in the evenings I am thankful for having people to talk to.




I found today’s hike a bit hard. Lots of uphill and for some reason I couldn’t find the right pace until the very end. After Kilimanjaro I felt so exhausted that I didn´t take my training as seriously as I should during the summer and I think I am feeling that right now. The landscape is really impressive though we haven’t seen a “real” mountain yet. Even though we walked most of the day along a valley and we are surrounded by mountains, they are still very low and have a lot of vegetation, so no big peaks yet. I am amazed by the amount of waterfalls here, I had never really paid attention to them but they are really beautiful. We got to cross a few suspension bridges today as well. The first time felt quite scary but I think that now I have it under control.

We got to Namche after a serious uphill section and I really liked it. It is quite a big town located on a hill and with lots of colorful houses. The main street is full of stores where they sell pretty much everything. After arriving we went for a walk, it was a nice and cosy feeling I didn’t remember that existed. Just walking around and talking to someone with this beautiful backdrop. No stress, no hurries to get anywhere, all my thoughts were on the present, not in what I should be doing instead, not thinking about work or being able to forget that I even had a phone.



Being in a “civilized” environment makes me forget about altitude completely as well. Sure I have some discomforts somewhere if I really pay attention but being on an actual building makes me think it is something else.



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