Day 3: Acclimatization day in Namche Bazaar.

Today it was a very good day and I feel I am getting in a good mental state again. Not worrying about how fast everyone is going and not thinking about if I should have trained more. Everything just felt right. Surprisingly in the mornings I am not as slow as I was on Kilimanjaro, every morning there felt like a struggle but here it is just like any other day. I still take my time to get started since I do not like to rush. We normally get our meals in a common room in the tea house which is full of very interesting Nepali decorations. It is the only room that is heated so as we are getting higher I assume that it is here where we are going to spend most of our time.


After breakfast we headed out for a short acclimatization walk to Syangboche at 3860 m. We started by walking through the empty streets of Namche and up a hill we went.



There was a very nice viewpoint at the end and it was the first time we could see the mountains. There was a statue of Tenzing and a museum about the Sherpa culture. We stayed there for a while and it was interesting to read about how life is in the Sherpa community. These people work extremely hard and often their successes go unnoticed as it is always their clients who make it to the big screens. Most of them live an anonymous life in the shadow of big names and mountaineering stars, but I think it is possible to say that most expeditions and successes would never have been possible without their efforts.

This town really breathes mountaineering, the shops are stuffed with gear, maps, guides, books and tales of Everest are everywhere. They must be so used to hearing people say they want to climb Everest that here all of a sudden the thought of it doesn’t seem like a big deal. No one laughs and everyone assumes you are capable right away. If you are not, that is on you, but it feels like a legitimate goal.

The pace uphill got slower today and I am glad. I could finally think about goals, life…it was magical. We reached the top of our acclimatization walk and stayed there for a while. It was beautiful. We saw a helicopter land pretty close, so dramatically close it gave me chills. It reminded me of my very first time to a heliport in Tirvia (in the Spanish Pyrenees) when I was a kid. I was equally fascinated today as I was back then. I really felt like that young girl here, the one who thought everything was possible. On the way down I got to think about what I dreamt back then, as that little girl, and how everything ended up coming true. So what now seems out of reach and laughable can be a reality anytime.

The descent back to Namche was pretty fast, I was starving so I almost felt I had wings. After lunch we went out for coffee and ended up in really nice café where we sat for a bit. I was really really craving a freshly brewed black coffee and some sort of sweet cookie, so I got just that, and seriously enjoyed it! Food always makes me so happy but here it has been a more intense and romantic experience.

We just walked around for the rest of the day in this lovely town in sunny weather. It was peaceful and time seemed to disappear for a moment. When we got tired of that, we went back to our tea house and spend some time in the room with the guys and Lisa, we got a lot of laughs and I was very happy with this being also a social experience.

Right before dinner me and James went for a walk to a hill nearby, it was a really good viewpoint but it was starting to get dark and foggy, nevertheless the view was magical. It was cold but at the same time I have never felt so warm. It was like a new part of me was awakening. I was dressed so casually, with training clothes and a down jacket, but I felt so beautiful. It was uneasy at first but just being able to sit and talk to someone about life in that epic setting was very special. It felt so natural to listen and talk to him, almost like breathing. I didn’t have to pretend to be something I am not nor act in the way I felt was expected. For the first time I felt I was enough as myself.


After a while it got too cold to sit there and we had to rush to dinner, so we went back in the dark. Altitude wise I am doing better than ever and it really makes a difference to be able to stand up and walk around during the day instead of lying inside the tent. We got our oxygen saturation measured before bed and I am still at 99%. I am incredibly happy with how everything is going.


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