Day 4: Namche Bazaar (3440 m) to Tengboche (3860 m).

The days are going by so fast and the routine here is pretty easy. We order our breakfast the night before so it is ready when we wake up. We get our wake up call relatively early, pack our things, get our water, eat breakfast and then we leave.

I found the hiking part today pretty hard, I think I have been thinking the same everyday but everyday just keeps getting more challenging. Not in a bad way but I got quite spoiled on Kilimanjaro with its short days. I miss having the possibility of just stopping whenever there is something beautiful that I want to look at or to take pictures at my own pace. The first part of the day was quite smooth, we walked alongside a valley which was covered in fog, but it had its charm and the sound of the river nearby made it pretty relaxing. We haven’t seen a single mountain in the whole day and sometimes it feels hard to imagine we are in Nepal. The landscape is breathtaking nevertheless.



When we got to the bottom of the valley lunch was awaiting. After that we had to climb all the way up to the other side of the valley and it was a very steep part. I ran out of water half way and it got very warm so that complicated things a little bit. On the positive side I got to walk pretty much by myself the whole time. The fast part of the group was quite ahead and some people were a bit behind me so that allowed me to enjoy this a little bit on my own.




Once in Tengboche we had a cup of tea and we went to see the monks in the monastery who had their prayers at 3 pm. This monastery is apparently the biggest in the Khumbu region of Nepal. I was very excited to see that since I had read that it was a very interesting experience. But once inside it was quite odd and I found it a little bit too touristy.

The tea houses where we are staying are quite different from one another. Some have the luxury of a toilet in the room, like where we stayed in Namche, but most are quite basic. I assume they will be getting even more primitive the higher up we go, but this the part of the adventure that I am really looking forward. Rooms are normally shared with someone else and the bathroom is common in each floor. The kind of toilet and its cleanliness can vary greatly, from the Western kind of toilet to the hole in the ground. Nights are getting colder in the room too.


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