Day 5 & 6: Tengboche (3860 m) to Dingboche (4410 m) and acclimatization day at Dingboche.

Day 5

Today we woke up really early by Shankar (our guide) knocking at our door. Apparently the skies were clear and there was a really good view of the mountains, so we got dressed as fast as possible and headed outside. It was worth it. This is what we got to see:

The monastery at Tengboche.
Hiding behind the clouds in there is Mt. Everest.



Today was all in all a very easy day. During the first part of the morning the views were quite clear and we could see Mt. Everest for the first time. In the distance. Unfortunately, the Nuptse is always in front and makes it seem smaller than it really is. But it was still daunting to see it from so close.

That tiny mountain in there, on the left, is Mt. E.


We got to Dengboche by lunchtime, which felt like perfect timing since I had just started feeling hungry. I thought it was good to arrive that early since  we would have the whole day ahead of us to just relax and explore the town. This last thing was done pretty quickly, since towns up here are not very big but I find them fascinating in the sense that these are actual real humans living here, most of them might never leave these valleys and it makes me wonder how life is for them here. What struggles do they have, what are they passionate about and so on.




After the city tour was completed in the record time of a couple of minutes we walked with James up a small hill (which really didn’t feel that small on the way up) and sat there for a while. I really like sitting in high places and enjoying the views, I do not remember what we talked about but I just felt he understood. Sometimes even without saying anything I just know he would understand what I am thinking or feeling. This is new to me and I will sure miss him when I go back home. We don’t talk much during the day or sometimes not even at night but knowing he even exists is quite a peaceful and relieving sensation.

I don´t think I have ever been so present and in the moment as I am here. It is like my brain has lost it’s ability to think about the future and worry about unnecessary things. I also feel incredible at peace with myself and with who I am. I have been struggling in the past with not feeling good enough, or strong enough or that my life is not meaningful enough. But right now I feel beautiful and strong and full of meaning and life.

Day 6

Today it was an acclimatization day at Dengboche so we walked up to Nagarzung hill until we reached 4900 m. The pace was once again slow and the uphill part went by really fast. When we got to the highest point we stayed there for a bit, the views were not that impressive since everything was covered in fog. Nevertheless, once in a while and for a few seconds one big peak would uncover. It was almost magical, one minute you had a massive mountain in front of you and the next, it was gone. I find it intriguing to think about what must be behind the clouds and that we cannot really see.


I am feeling great with the altitude, nothing major like other times and this makes me happy. I find it fascinating to see how it can go so wrong sometimes while others everything goes smoothly. The only thing I notice, and which deep inside I am really enjoying, is that my thought processes are much slower and I have to really focus on one think at a time. I read somewhere that the mind really doesn’t do well when multitasking and that one reason we are so unhappy nowadays is because of the constant stimulation we receive, something that is aggravated by the use of smartphones and the need that we have to be connected and available at all times. Here all this is gone and I am really sure that this is why I am so happy. The expectations are low and the only stimulation we get comes from gorgeous soothing landscapes and meaningful interaction with people.

Yesterday we switched rooms and now I am sharing it with James. It is just crazy that it feels so good in a way I cannot even understand right now. I think that after so many years of living abroad and not having my family and a sense of home this makes me feel that for the first time I have someone to come home to. Even if its far from from being real life I am seriously enjoying it.

Days are simple if I don’t think too much about the comforts we are missing. Not being able to shower, the crazy toilets, the repetitive food and not feeling 100% can be hard sometimes and it is easy to focus too much on it. But at the same time I can´t help but love the struggle. Right now my fingers are freezing, I am all wrapped in my down sleeping bag but still in awe about the magnitude of all this. There is something so special in this simple life that I find captivating. The landscapes, the peace and the remoteness of every place where we are staying. This country is so dreamy.



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