Day 10: Pheriche (4371 m) to Kenjuma (3500 m).

We woke up to really nice views today which we could really enjoy for the most part of the morning. The terrain was relatively flat and easy and all in all it was a very peaceful way of getting started. There were a lot of helicopters flying up and down and we heard some news of a man passing away on his way up and someone else being rescued in Pheriche that same morning. This made me feel a bit uneasy for a moment and think that this is serious shit.





It is a very humbling experience to be at altitude. Even when you thought you were extremely fit and capable, life teaches you a lesson. This is not the place to let your ego get the best out of you nor it is a place where you want to believe you have something to prove to others. I have really struggled with that since I dislike to admit some sort of weakness but at the end of the day I am not here to impress anyone, I am here to reach my goal and go back home and plan for the next one.

It has been a bit of a struggle also to have to deal with the fact of not being able to shower properly, or not showering at all. My dilemma the whole time has been about what feels uncomfortable for myself and what is being dictated by what others find uncomfortable, I really think it is a healthy experience to let go of my vanity and the need to look good.

Not being able to use my looks as a way of getting attention has made me a better person. And I really think I have been happier, more fulfilled and focused on other things just because of that. But right now it has reached the point in which I feel I need some luxury, just for a few hours, and to be able to enjoy a warm shower.

All these were my reflections during the morning, which was actually a nice way to pass the time. My brain seems to be reasoning better and everything feels easier. My lack of food was evident on the last uphill part up to Tengboche, were I really struggled and could only think about eating, but we were promised that we would visit a nice bakery in there so this really kept me going.

The bakery was really worth it, very cozy and very Western style. The views were clear so we could see Mt Everest through the window. I went all in and ordered a chocolate mocha cake for dessert. I don’t know what happens here that everything I eat tastes and feels really good, like the best thing I have ever eaten.





It was a good break before we got into harder terrain. After leaving Tengboche comes a really steep downhill followed by a really steep uphill. The downhill part went by really fast. I got to walk alone the whole time and except some yaks that were going up and made me stop on the side of the trail, I didn’t see a single person. We took a small break at the bottom of the valley before tackling the steep uphill part. I was tired and I really wanted to arrive. The uphill was really uphill but I really took it easy and it ended up going by really fast.

The lower altitude is really noticeable at this point and everything feels easier. It is warmer at night and during the day, it is easy to sleep and mentally I am not slow anymore.


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